Spring – Summer 2019

Free your body

The “boalma” (beautiful soul) invites you for its first trip to discover the plurality of bodies, take another look at yourself and forget about judging others.

Of the six existing morphologies, we dreamed, drew and created, like two little magicians, six models for you to go perfectly.
Let the chemistry work and choose the shirt you like.

Bõalma, swimsuits that love women’s bodies

Enchanted Swimsuits just like creators, their memory of Iberian summer and with a mission: to bring beauty in the diversity of the bodies.

The magic recipe of our collection

One hell of a dose of khaki-veronese;
A zest of rose dragee;
A pinch of raspberry burgundy;
A hint of vitamin orange;
The main sublimated by a captivating print.


You have the first Bõalma collection!