HI chicas !

Bõalma, the invitation to Latin culture

Bõalma means “beautiful soul” in portuguese

At the Beginning of the adventure

We came with the idea of Boalma because we realized it was so complicated to find swimwear suiting every type of women and bodies, and being at the same time unique and well fitted.
Through Bõalma we want to highlight beauties of all kinds, and bring some magic to the swimsuit’s panel with our passionate, sparkling soul.
Inspired by beauties from all over the world.


Bõalma, magic swimsuits

Dreamed in Paris and made in Portugal, Bõalma swimsuits are harmonious pieces, designed to fit every woman and enchant every size of body.
We do really care about every little detail – such as cute accessories and bright colours – and that’s what make our swimsuits so unique and charming.
Although the magic of our jerseys will not make the world a better place, we want yours to be (at least at the playa).

Designed and made with magic in Europe

Due to our origins, our heart was beating towards our three (little) countries.

That’s where we got our inspiration from, and we decided to go further by developing a “made in Europe” production.

Bõalma’s swimsuits are dreamt and designed in Paris. The accessories come from workshops based in France.

Our fabric come to life in Italy and Spain and are OEKO TEX certified, meaning that their composition is clean and that they are tailored in an environmental friendly way.

Last but not least, our swimsuits are assembled in a family workshop in the north of Portugal.


this also works for our swimsuits.

The creators

« It’s amost 20 years after our first meeting in the kindergarten that we decided to combine our studies (communication + fashion) to create our swimwear brand Bõalma just like our Iberian summer memories and with one mission: to enhance the beauty of body in swimsuit !
With all our Boalma state of mind, we hope you’ll get into our universe. »