The beauty of bodies

Without artifice

Swimwear designed for all women

Our definition of beauty results in the diversity of your bodies.
Did we already tell you?
You are beautiful as you are.
We love your curves, from your tiny to your generous “boobs”, your thin to your larger hips, your generously curved bottom to your discreet one.

The diversity of your bodies draws many possibilities for us to design swimsuits for you. For our first collection, we created six pieces designed to fit your curves, from the tiny 34 to the beloved 46.

Without artifice

ADIOS the push-up and other uncomfortable frames and BOM DIA the swimsuit thought for each morphology, with the most adapted supplies, carefully selected fabrics, certified eco-responsible, and the attention to detail.

  • Under-chest elastics and clever braces to support generous boobs,
  • Accessories to dress small boobs,
  • Quality fabrics, composed of 80% polyamide and 20% elasthane, for a soft touch effect, comfortable to wear and almost shapewear.

If we are passionate about bringing beauty to the diversity of bodies, we are deeply convinced that every woman feels beautiful because she is free to choose her favorite swimsuit which fit closely her curves.

Thus, beyond the morphologies that are specific to each, all our swimsuits are available sizes 34 to 46.

Standard beauty doesn’t exist

Which chica (girl) are you ?

Discover our chicas bonitas with different curves with the swimsuit designed for each morphology!

Because you always choose your swimsuit better by knowing your morphology.


With mesmerizing hips and lovely gut. Your curves have the shape of the A “for l’Amour”!


Your curves have the shape of the V for Victory!


Hola chica with a long and proportionate body, your curves have the shape of the H for Harmony!


With generous breast and bottom, your curves have the shape of the O for the Olymp.


Tiny and cute, your curves have the shape of the X, you are eXalting.


With an harmonious body, your curves have the shape of the 8.

If it’s not clear for you, you can also write us at